TEACHING METHODS (We teach in english, german, spanish, russian and bulgarian languages)

In an entertaining way we shall discuss the foundations of this extraordinary dance in theory and praxis. We start with a theoretical introduction, in which we discuss the social and historic reasons for the birth of argentine tango, the „why“ of our dance. The circumstances which decide on the way we dance, as a way of life, as an environment and as a manner of movement. After that we delve into the individual components of the dance.

The principles of leading and following, walking together in the embrace. Through an improved body awareness we attain a natural, fluid and damage preventing way of movement for the dance and for everyday life. In this manner we learn to move with a clear direction, a stable axis, and a better centered standing, which takes the burden off our partners in the embrace, and makes a light and delicate connection in dance possible.

The classes are open for all, from beginners to advanced dancers. Couples and single participants are welcome.